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The Story So Far

When I did my first ever voiceover, aged 17, in a radio station in Perth, Western Australia in the 1970’s, I couldn’t have imagined it leading to the amazing career I’m having.

Abbe Holmes

As a teenager, I was a self-confident, words and language person, looking for adventure.

So when I came to Melbourne with my sound engineer boyfriend to work at a major sound studio, I found myself in the right place at the right time. 

Back then, the nature of advertising was changing.

Actors and voiceover naturals were being used to voice quirky, interesting scripts and I jumped at the chance.

By the mid 80’s I’d left my job at the studio and had become an established voice over performer.

That’s when I kicked off my acting career, and I’ve loved working on stage and screen over the years, although voice over has always been central to whatever else I was doing.

I started coaching voice over in 2004, built my Voice Over Coach website in 2009, and run workshops and training for beginners, those preparing to enter the industry, as well as voiceover pro’s wanting to add skills to their repertoire.  I also love to produce demos.  

I’ve been a proud member of the MEAA, the arts Union in Australia since 1979, and currently serve on the MEAA Board and am Equity Federal Vice President.

Melbourne is where I call home and I live a happy, satisfied life with my 26 year-old-daughter, and my black Poodle.

Life is good!